Meet Michael & Seth


The furniture industry has been a big part of my entire life. I used to get a quarter for every catalog I built for my father as a child. As a teenager, I saw American factories moving overseas and a country racing to the bottom as it sadly chose cost cutting shortcuts over craftsmanship. After I took my first job in furniture, I watched the internet and the housing crisis close small furniture stores all over Maryland. This left a lot of out of state chain stores that still have a misguided focus on profits. My father once told me “Son whatever you do, don’t open up a furniture store.” I probably would have listened, but then I met Seth Barkman. Ours is a love story, rooted in friendship and expanded into a business relationship that just got jumbled together. I showed Seth the furniture markets for his first time and the industry became new and personal to me. We wanted to challenge the industry to do more for a consumer. The idea was ignited to create a store that centered around giving customers well made, affordable, and customizable options to improve their homes and enhance their lifestyle. We are honored to pass on that knowledge to our community.
   MiY stands for “Mine is Yours” because we invite you to our home address when we invite you to our store. We renovated a four-story building from the late 1800’s preserving as much of it as we could. Seth and I live above our store and we only carry products that we both personally love and use. In another homage to Baltimore, we put a 1,400 sq. ft. roof deck that offers a sweeping view of downtown. By living and working in the same place we were able to pass those savings onto our customers, but it also connected us to the community we love.


I invite you to read about our staff below because they each make this company amazing and have a unique story.

We are all excited to work with you.




Michael Ryan Wright

Destroyer of fun

I am constantly listening to hear if a staff member is laughing at a cat video. I break that up immediately to make sure you are 100% getting the best experience at MiY Home. But seriously, I got into this business to be my authentic self and create a company that cares for not only it’s customers, but for the neighbors who can’t yet afford to shop at my store.

I am proud everyday when I see the Bethlehem Steel Beam just inside our front door. Both my grandparents worked at that Baltimore Plant to make a better life for their family, I try to continue that legacy every day and think of all of Baltimore as my own family.


Seth Barkman

Talks way too much

What does a man with a Peace War and Defense Degree who was thrown out of the military for being gay know about furniture… EVERYTHING.

This man has more ideas for your home and how you can get better sleep than you are ready for.

Seth moves through life on his own schedule, dictated by chance moments of inspiration.

His brain constantly re-imagines the room he is in, the building is in front of or the entire block he is waking down.

Michele Kampe

General Manager
Mother Hon

My relationship with Michele dates back to childhood as she remains deeply intertwined with my own furniture family.

She worked and would later own Lauman’s Furniture and was the first person to buy furniture from my father. I remember sneaking away from my dad in her store and jumping all over her beds and sofas as a child.

Michele furniture career spans decades and solidifies MIY’s commitment to quality products and service.

She has an uncanny ability to see a product as it is and not be biased by misleading internet photographs or over hyped marketing.