The furniture industry has been a big part of my entire life. I used to get a quarter for every catalog I built for my father as a child. As a teenager, I saw American factories moving overseas and a country racing to the bottom as it sadly chose cost cutting shortcuts over craftsmanship. After I took my first job in furniture, I watched the internet and the housing crisis close small furniture stores all over Maryland. This left a lot of out of state chain stores that still have a misguided focus on profits. My father once told me “Son whatever you do, don’t open up a furniture store.” I probably would have listened, but then I met Seth Barkman. Ours is a love story, rooted in friendship and expanded into a business relationship that just got jumbled together. I showed Seth the furniture markets for his first time and the industry became new and personal to me. We wanted to challenge the industry to do more for a consumer. The idea was ignited to create a store that centered around giving customers well made, affordable, and customizable options to improve their homes and enhance their lifestyle. We are honored to pass on that knowledge to our community.