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MIY, short for Mine Is Yours, is a furniture and design company founded on at a four-story restored and renovated building from the late 1800’s in Maryland. It was started by partners Michael and Seth, and later on, joined by Michele. MIY’s design and furniture are driven by the current modern trends with a touch of elegance and simplicity that transcends into the ideal ambiance as a result of the combination of functionality and style. MIY does not only sell furniture – it also helps customers solve various design problems through customization while making it affordable so everyone has a chance to experience the comfort and satisfaction brought upon by having the right fitted furniture pieces all coming together to achieve their intended goals. MIY have worked with hundreds of people to find the right sofa, chairs, bed, accessories, lighting, rugs, cabinets, or coffee tables for their homes, offices, resorts, restaurants and other establishments. Basically all companies and establishments who need a customized or pre-built furniture can ask MIY for help of any kind, whether it be design, functionality, budget, or layout planning. Any opportunity that presents itself, MIY grabs it to ensure that clients are satisfied and get more than what they asked for. It has always been MIY’s mission to take the stress and burden of finding the right furniture off their customer’s shoulder.

Baltimore Modern Furniture

If you check out MIY’s portfolio, you can see that their love for design and desire to be current comes through. Here are some samples to show:
Aliceanna St., Fells Point

Aliceanna St., Fells Point

It all started when a client came in and needed a mattress the same day. It turned out he needs a lot more than that after seeing us in action. Over the next nine months, we helped him identify a new home, come up with a design concept, and implement a remodel with the help of Gramophone. We pulled from our various lines to create an eclectic yet focused modern look that is a surprise to walk when considering the context of Historic Fell’s Point.
R. House, Remington

R. House, Remington

When approached to help outfit R. House with around 300 seats, we hoped it would be more challenging than finding one chair that would be repeated 300 times. Luckily for us, it was. The team at R. House had a strong viewpoint of how they wanted the people who visited to interact with space. They asked for seating that was comfortable, durable, and had style.

Villa Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas

The style and feel of an outdoor space in Cabo should evoke relaxation, sensuality, and an almost siren like a call to come back. The homeowners also asked for furniture that could stand up to the sometimes harsh dry and windy conditions. The space came together beautifully using a mix of Kannoa Lounge Chairs, Gloster tables and chairs, and Tuuci Umbrellas.  

Who Helped MIY Become What It Is Today

  Michael and Seth live in the store which allows MIY to pass along some savings to their customers, without compromising quality, functionality, and style. Both of them are the founding members of MIY. Michael has been in the furniture industry since he was a child. As a teenager, Michael saw how the industry evolves, how the small furniture stores have been closing down, and how the quality of craftsmanship has degraded just so the stores could cope with the bad economy. His father is in the furniture business as well and despite his father’s warnings of not entering the same furniture industry, Michael held his head up high and welcomed all the challenges of running and owning a furniture store. This is when he met Seth, a man with Peace War and Defense Degree, who has wild imaginations and whose creativity knows no bounds, and together, they set out on a roller coaster journey of putting up MIY, who would challenge the industry to do more, and offer better to the customers, who have been putting up with crappy designs for decades now. Since then, they have been pursuing this goal, and even when it seemed that they are up against the world and against all odds, they are certainly winning and owning it with flying colours! As if this wonderful combo is not enough, the team was also joined by Michele, who has furniture experience that spans decades, solidifying MIY’s commitment to quality products and services. Her keen eye when it comes to furniture definitely helped maintain MIY’s standards and ensured customer patronage over the years. And with this dynamic, creative, and passionate team, MIY, together with its new staffs and customer base, will continue to grow and provide excellent services to the people of Baltimore. This is just a prelude to MIY’s story. The real journey has yet to begin, so stay tuned! Get your home ready for visitors with your new set of furniture. Contact us today!

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